Women’s History Month and What to Remember

Women’s History Month and What to Remember

Welcome to the month of March!-which marks Women’s History Month. As a true blue feminist, I’m all about this. With International Women’s Day this month and an emphasis around the role of women within history, let’s take this opportunity to recognize all things women and keep certain things in mind as we move forward in 2020.

“Feminine” Emotions are NOT Inferior: One of the things that irks me is when women are considered “too emotional”…it makes me so mad. Basically from a biological standpoint, women are significantly more emotionally intelligent, hence allowing us as a gender to be able to express more. In other words, there is no such thing as being “too emotional”, so please let’s get that out of our heads.

Women’s Health is Normal Health: In both the United States and India, I’ve witnessed that the entire healthcare system is designed with men’s health being the norm. Basically, there are sections dedicated to women’s health and women’s health-related issues. However, women’s health is normal human health. Men and women both have different biology with varying health concerns and issues, yet why is women’s health treated as the special case?? It’s perfectly normal.

Feminine Roles are just as Necessary: So if we look back through evolution, men were hunters and women were gatherers, and both roles were just as necessary and respected. Today, objectively speaking, the idea of gathering has translated into shopping, which is often seen as frivolous. However, in reality, nothing is frivolous. Men and women are delicately and biologically designed to be a certain way and there is nothing wrong with either side. It is just how it is, and it’s about time we recognize that.

There are sooo aspects to the modern woman we ought to recognize, and a single blog post is not enough to cover them all. That being said, we can always start with the points above and build on from there. So…to all the women in our lives: we got this!


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