What’s in the Easter Basket-2023

Can you believe that it’s already April?! And Easter is literally around the corner. Frankly, I loved Easter as a kid, but I never bothered about as I got older. However, with Aisha, I’m beginning to enjoy it again. We’ve been doing Easter Bunny pics, mini egg hunts, and I’m stoked about her Easter basket goodies. Let me take you through them!

Deep Basket-For starters, the basket. I went for a deep, circular basket to be filled with green Easter grass. I picked up both of the items from CVS, and they can easily be used for years to come.

Eggs with Finger Puppets-We can’t have an Easter basket without eggs right? However, I didn’t just want plastic eggs filled with candy. Therefore, I found Easter eggs filled with finger puppets on Amazon, which are perfect. She loves finger puppets and she’ll get a fun hunt out of the eggs.

Bumblebee/Butterfly Stuffed Animal-Another thing an Easter basket cannot do without. However, because she has so many teddy bears and bunny rabbits. I went for a bumble bee/butterfly-perfect for springtime and a brand new animal, also from CVS.

Flower Sunglasses-Because Springtime right?! Why not have a new pair of sunnies for the next Spring/summer time. I found these ones on Amazon and they’re just too cute!

Chef Set-This has absolutely nothing to do with Easter. However, Aisha has been pretend cooking and attempting to help me while I’m cooking. Therefore, I got her a little chef set with an apron, hat, and everything. I cannot wait for her to see it. Also-from¬†Amazon.

And there you have it, all of Aisha’s Easter Tidbits. I cannot wait for her to see them all! Happy Easter to you all! Stay tuned for my socials for a full look inside the basket!


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