Whats in my Bag…Travel Edition

So…if you don’t know already, I am back from my U.S. trip, back to work after 2 months (talk about nerve wracking), and slowly getting over my jet lag. I took the last week off to get myself situated to a completely opposite time schedule, and this week I’m back. For my journey back to India, I made a conscious effort to pack as efficiently as possible. Obviously, when the journey is so long, you have to keep some basics handy. Therefore, for my inflight travel bag, I opted for a backpack from Calpak: hands free and fits everything. Best decision for the long-haul flights.

  • Laptop-my backpack had a sleeve for my laptop. Need I say more? Of course I am going to put in the back rather than carrying a separate laptop bag on one shoulder and a purse on the other. Talk about heavy…ugh.
  • Toiletries Kit-I’m traveling for 24 hours. Your girl needs a toothbrush and face wash and moisturizer. Those flights are so drying!
  • Passport/Wallet: These went into the inner most pocket of my backpack so nobody could access them except me, but seriously it was so handy to just keep them in one bag rather than having a separate purse for it.
  • Notebook: Sometimes you just got to write it down….duh.
  • Glasses & Sunglasses: 4 separate cases of eyewear managed to fit separately in the backpack. Without struggle and effort. Such a relief!

So there you have it. A few tidbits about what is in was in my inflight bag. It was such a relief have a single bag rather than multiple bags on each shoulder! I will definitely do that again for my next long travel!


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