What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway with a Toddler

About a month ago, my husband and I coordinated with some friends of ours on meet at their place for a weekend. We had such a blast with them, yet it was our first weekend getaway with Aisha. So it took some planning in terms of what to pack and what to leave. Thankfully they have a young daughter as well so we were going to a very baby friendly household. Hence, I didn’t have to carry Aisha’s bathtub, bathing products, sterilizer, or certain groceries. However I was definitely methodical about Aisha’s packing for the two days. So here goes!

Clothes-for 2 days: 4 sets of clothes, in case of accidents and 3 sets of pajamas: 2 for the nights and one extra.

Feeding Supplies-Her Silicon plate, silicon bowls, spoons, and forks were all packed in a designated bag.

Food-And then there were the containers that had the actual food in them.
Snack boxes with puffs, crackers, goldfish. Ziploc bag with her boiled pasta, precut veggies-to simply mix and put together at dinnertimes.

Sleeping Arrangements-Since Day 1, Aisha has never slept in the bed with us and we weren’t going to make an exception on vacation either. Therefore, we found this wonderful Inflatable Travel Toddler bed by Hiccapop, which was the perfect size for Aisha, and it could easily be folded, packed, and carried in the car. The best part is, it fits just about any standard sheet-so we simply took on of her crib sheets and pillows with us.

Other supplies-A new packet of diapers, Aisha’s toilet seat, wipes, splat mat

What I forgot, but should’ve gotten-Stroller & booster seat

So with all of the above and mine and my husband’s bag, we managed to fit it all into the trunk of our car for the 4 hour drive down.  Thankfully, we managed fairly well without the forgotten items, considering Aisha likes to walk/run, and we all had a fabulous time. Parents, what would you add to this list??


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  1. July 25, 2022 / 6:38 pm

    I like that you included sleeping arrangements. Most parents tend to freight that and I think it’s an important one.

    • July 26, 2022 / 2:26 am

      Oh yea. I didn’t even think about it until the last minute.

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