Top Coffee Places in Gurgaon to Sit and Work

I love coffee. I have it everyday. In fact, it is one of the best parts of my day. As a part of my newer daily routine, I make it a point to step out every afternoon for a post-lunch coffee with my laptop and/or my book. By doing so over the last few weeks, I’ve figured out my regular spots, which I’ve come to love, and I keep rotating between. So Check out the list below of my top coffee spots in Gurgaon (so far)!

  • Coffee Bond-A cute spot tucked in the back of Galleria market, with free wifi, dairy alternatives, AND a food menu if you’re hungry. Did I mention the adorable floor seating with charging outlets on the first floor?
  • Starbucks-When you just need a quick go-to spot, you can never go wrong with Starbucks. With the free wifi, dairy alternatives, quick bites, and a few charging points here and there; for a working afternoon, you can’t go wrong.
  • Di Ghent-Love this spot in Crosspoint mall. The coffee and food both are good, and it’s at great location. However, this spot doesn’t have dairy alternatives or free wifi, so you have to make do with a hotspot. I’ve worked there a couple of times hotspotting from my phone, and everything has run smoothly.
  • Cafe Soul Garden-This is possibly the only outdoor workspace spot I’ve come across. With the weather being so nice lately, sitting amongst nature with coffee (and free wifi) is just icing on the cake! However, no dairy alternatives.
  • C’est La Vie-LOVE this spot in Nirvana Courtyard. Again, if you’re hungry, the food is great, but if you just want coffee and a workspace, there are dairy alternatives and great options of coffee drinks. OH, and the free wifi is a major perk.
  • Blue Tokai- Free Wifi: Check, Dairy alternatives: Check. I’ve always loved the ambiance of a Blue Tokai. Seeing others-like me-working on their laptops, hustling hard-sparks interesting conversation and just adds to everything. It’s a vibe.
  • Sibang Bakery-This was the first cafe, I ever started hanging out at alone, and it wasn’t weird. In fact, it felt perfectly normal. With the great coffee, there is free wifi (if you ask nicely) and delicious Korean baked goods. However, no dairy alternatives-but delicious coffee.
  • Sixteen Grams Coffee-A discovery for me in Galleria, but apparently it’s the second location. A super cute spot up on the first floor with delicious coffee, dairy alternatives, and free wifi. Best part: one of their sweetener alternatives, along with brown & white sugar, is jaggery!
  • Cafe Wanderlust-This is such a unique spot in Galleria. It’s quirky interior adds to the ambience of the place. I loved the egg chair, hammock, and the floor seating. However, they definitely need more coffee, dairy alternatives, and free wifi. Nevertheless, their signature cold coffee was delicious.
  • Another Fine Day-There’s free wifi, good food, good coffee, but no dairy alternatives. YET, this spot is a great place to sit with a quiet cup of coffee and your laptop, and just be. By the way, I LOVE the fact that this place has books and board games.
  • Cafe StayWoke-Again, another super cute spot to hang out in Southpoint Mall. This place even has Avocado Toast. However, like the places above, the food is amazing, and there is wifi and dairy alternatives for your coffee!

So the options above are just spots I’ve tried more than once, and have gathered enough information. I am currently trying and testing out more spots (Cafe Mogul & Be Greenr), specifically from a working-in-a-cafe point of view, so this list will keep growing! Next time you hear about a new coffee spot, let me know!!


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  1. March 4, 2020 / 3:54 am

    There are a few spots here I haven’t checked out, thanks for this post!

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