Toddler Summer Essentials That are Available on Amazon

So as I type this, it’s going to be a high of 96 today. So clearly summer is here. The heat is officially fought it’s way through and it’s going to hang out for awhile. This year is the first year my toddler is fully into summer. She’s 2 years old, we’ve been living in CA for a year now and we’re just about ready to immerse ourselves in the summer activities. Therefore, we had to stock up on some essentials to get through the next couple months. So here are some tidbits I got my hands on from Amazon!

Sunglasses-Most obvious, the sunglasses. I actually added these to my daughter’s Easter Basket-which you can see here. However, she loves them! She sees my husband and I wear sunglasses quite a bit, so naturally she wants copy us, and these shades are perfect. They should last until she’s about 5 years old.

Swimsuit-So she’s going to need a new swimsuit or 2 every year until she stops growing. So I loved this RuffleButts one on Amazon. It’s a cute design, and it’s just snug enough that it doesn’t move around, yet it’s comfortable. Plus, I love that it has a little bow in the back! And, the fabric has UPF+ Sun protection!

Towels-Going along with the swimsuit, she needs new towels. I loved this set of 2, which have hoods, are available in bright colors, and can simply be placed on, without needing to be wrapped around, and she looks adorable in them!

Water-Friendly Footwear-We can’t have a summer without these. I looked at flipflops and slides and I just fell in love with these ones. Again, multiple colors are available, and I know they’ll last her for 2 summers!

Sunscreen-Last but not least, and most important, is sunscreen. Now, I got Aisha’s sunscreen in a collab, but I LOVE IT-and it’s available on Amazon. I actually posted a Try-It Tuesday all about it, and I just have good things to say about it. Smells good, easy to apply, gentle on the skin, and she loves it!

So those are some toddler-friendly summer essentials that I got my hands on on Amazon. I’m still searching for some fun items. So therefore, I might do a part 2 at some point! Who knows?! Everything is accessible in my Amazon Storefront. So do check it out for yourself!


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