The Power of Pivot

Let’s face it, this year has been the year where all of our plans have gone to sh*t. Whatever plans we may have had, COVID came in and said “NOPE you stay put.” However, as we continue into the last quarter of the year, it has reiterated one thing over and over again that “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” or “if things don’t go your way, you simply pivot.” I would like to use this blog post to share about my journey and how I’ve had to pivot my plans this year.

Pivoting is not easy at all-especially when we’ve made up our minds and are working towards something and then it can’t happen and/or it’s postponed. However, fortunately or unfortunately it’s a part of life right? and 2020 just made it MUCH more complicated. Part of me is grateful that this has been brought to the forefront, but there is another part of me that’s like “really?? come on now.” So here are a couple ways I’ve had to pivot in my life.

Sabbatical-Last year, I took a sabbatical from my work to figure out what to do next. I was unhappy and confused so taking some time off definitely made sense. Once I made up my mind, I started studying and taking online classes. I had plans to go to San Francisco at the end of this year to further pursue my chosen subject and take a course. However, what happened? COVID-and what was done instead, hustling to grow this platform. At that point, my main mission was (and to an extent still is) to be productive and happy so I don’t lose it. Therefore, I had to pivot from my original plan to this one, and frankly I’m quite happy about it. I’m glad I was able to figure and take that step even if it took awhile.

Lack of Travel-Obviously COVID has put all travel plans on hold. I’m used to traveling a couple times a year, and I usually go to California to visit my parents every summer. However, COVID didn’t let that happen. Although it was very irritating and annoying at first; I knew I had to make a choice to either feel bad about it or make things work. And, as if the Universe was listening, my family and I started doing daily zoom calls, which really helped reduce the physical distance. Again, it was a small pivot in light of the given situation, which helped significantly.

So these are just a a couple ways I’ve had to pivot in my personal life, and I know I’m not alone. In fact we’ve all had to pivot in some way due to this year being especially challenging. Pivoting allows us to subtly shift or change direction to move towards something bigger and better; So therefore, just remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this! We’re doing our best to navigate life in some way. So when you’re stuck, simply pivot :).


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  1. October 15, 2020 / 7:27 pm

    This was such an inspirational post. Loved it!

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