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There are two things we can all agree on: outside it is hot AF and the process of hair removal anything is annoying AF. This past weekend, I was in that conflicted state where it was quite warm but my leg hair growth was in that in-between stage where it was beginning to show, but not enough to go to the salon; and I didn’t want to wear a shorter dress or shorts. However, one summer principle I follow is to not wear my normal skinny jeans on the weekends. I wear them all week to work, and by the time the weekend comes around I’m bored of them So, through the years of being here, I’ve explored some options and found a comfy, summer style that can work just about everywhere….hair or no hair!

Saturday was a normal catching up day. I had an appointment in the morning and caught up with a friend at a local book shop in the afternoon. Perfect day to keep it super casual with jeans and a t-shirt. I grabbed a super soft dark t-shirt, which I got from Hollister during my trip to US last year, to pair nicely with my new boyfriend jeans, which I picked up from H&M just a couple days prior. It was my first time wearing boyfriend jeans, and I was mind blown on why I didn’t think to try them before. So loose, yet so comfy and easy for a casual day out. I finished the outfit with a pair of bright sandals and hoop earrings and went about my day.

Sunday started with me meeting a friend for breakfast. I again kept things easy and fun. I pulled out a brand-new pair of linen pants which I picked up from Marks & Spencer and paired it with a classic white t-shirt from Express One Eleven range. The linen pants were very cooling to wear and comfortable, perfect for the warm, weekend weather. Plus, my classic white t-shirt brightened up the outfit in a very sophisticated way. I finished the look with a long matching necklace, small hoop earrings, and a low heel. Whenever I wear loose pants, I always follow a rule of wearing slightly lifted footwear to give the pants more structure and prevent them from tangling in my feet.

So, I realized after taking the pics that the poses are almost identical :P. However, I was trying to showcase the style in the best way possible, while taking the pictures with my phone on my own and without a tripod. Hopefully, as I continue with more personal style posts, my technique will get better…slowly but surely 🙂


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