2 South Asian Brands I’m Loving

Ever since I moved back to California, the one thing I had my eye to try was South Asian beauty brands. For starters, I’m so proud that South Asian beauty is being recognized. However I’ve only played around with two of them-yet I am keen to play around with more! So here are the two I’m currently enjoying. Please note: none of this is sponsored. These are all products I bought.

Live TintedThe first brand I came across. I love the owner and what she stands for, and when it came to trying the brand, I added an extra step into my makeup routine: color correcting. As South Asians, we do have pigmented skin-thankfully I don’t struggle with it too much, but I do deal slight dark circles. And my biggest challenge was dealing with the grey, ashy finish under my eyes after applying my makeup. That was until I tried Live Tinted’s HueStick. I was shade matched through Instagram, and I made sure not to try any other color corrector except Live Tinted, and I LOVE it. It’s easy to use, it makes a huge huge difference. I’ve bought their sunscreen as well. Still haven’t tried it, but I will soon.

AavraniAnother brand that I saw online. I love that it uses Ayurvedic beauty principles in their products. I’m currently using their Oil Cleanser, which I honestly was skeptical about being a combo-oily skinned girl myself. However, after getting used to the oil formula, I am pleasantly surprised. Just one pump goes a long way, and it takes off makeup easily as well. Who knew?  PLUS the packaging is really cute!

So those are a couple of brands I am currently using. However, my journey does not end here. I have my eye on Kulfi, Ranavat, and Vasanti Cosmetics next! So stay tuned!


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  1. September 26, 2022 / 8:55 am

    I’m loving that your bringing South Asian brands light. Also love that your talking about South Asian American brands. 🧡

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