Organizing Aisha’s Paperwork Digitally

A couple months ago, I shared a story that I was organizing Aisha’s paperwork on my laptop, and I asked all of you in a poll whether you’d be interested in seeing how I organize all of her paperwork, and 100% of you said yes. So this is a breakdown of how I organize her documents digitally. I have physical copies as well, but in my personal opinion, digital just keeps it all at one spot right? So here goes!

Step 1: Separate File for Aisha-First things first: I created a separate file for Aisha on my laptop.

Step 2: Work out the larger categories. At the moment, I have 4 categories Birth Certificate, Indian Visa, Passport, and Prescriptions-each with their respective documents inside.

Step 3: Add all the documents

  • Birth Certificate is its own, standalone document
  • The Passport Folder has all the paperwork and forms we filled out to apply for her passport and scanned copies of her passport for records
  • The Indian Visa Folder has all of her paperwork and forms we filled out for her visa
  • The Medical folder is the largest. It’s got all of her digital prescriptions from the moment she was born. It starts with “Prescriptions”–>then “first year” folder—>then all of her prescriptions numbered in chronological order.

So thats how I organize my paperwork on my laptop (So far), and we haven’t even gotten to the school stuff yet so that’ll be a whole beast in itself. Any tips for me??


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  1. April 13, 2022 / 9:32 pm

    This is genius! I like how your categorized the files. It’s easy to find and not too many categories that it gets overwhelming.

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