My Top 5 Ways to Practice Self Love

My Top 5 Ways to Practice Self Love

Self-Love is one of the most underrated activities one can do to improve mental health. It’s so important take out time and get in touch with ourselves-looking out for own individual well-being and happiness. If we can’t keep ourselves happy, we won’t be at our best for those around us. Through last few weeks, I’ve truly embraced self-love. It pushes us through the hardships and keeps us moving forward. So let us do ourselves favor and practice it. 🙂 Here are 5 ways to practice self love that have worked for me.

Stop Comparisons: I definitely learned this one the hard way. Unknowingly we all get caught up in the comparing our lives to others without know their whole truth or story. This has to stop. I keep reminding myself that there is only one me, and I have to do whats best for me. In other words, there is only one you: be the best version of you :).

Write it Down: Whenever my head is swimming with so many thoughts, writing it down is a great outlet. It helps put my thoughts to words, and I can essentially word vomit without dumping or venting to anybody.

Schedule “Me Time” Daily: This is super important. If you’ve read my previous blog post, you’d know that I need my “me time”. Taking time to just do what you love: may it be mediation, masking, having a cup of tea, or watching your favorite show….really helps. It allows you to just step away from the crazy that’s happening around you and focus on you.

Workout: I love a good workout. It’s a great way to focus my energy on something in front of me and celebrate what my body can do. My fitness journey has really helped my mental health. I am much more confident, and I tend to approach almost everything with “What I can do”, rather than “What I can’t do.” It’s a remarkable change. Workout and exercise is a way to celebrate what your body can do-as you explore you start realizing how amazing you truly are!

Exercise gives You Endorphins, endorphins make you happy.

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Quiet the Inner Voice: We all have that inner voice. That inner critic that sounds like a voice of reason, but it’s simply trying to keep us small and safe. However, it also stops us from living our best lives. Sometimes we have to push those negative thoughts aside to move forward. You won’t know til you try right?

It is so so important to take out time for yourself. Only YOU are responsible for your own state and happiness, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :).


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