My Go-To Transitional Weather Style

So it’s mid-February, and here in Delhi, that means beautiful springtime weather, transitioning from that frigid cold to a somewhat manageable season. As much as I love this time of the year, figuring out how to dress appropriately for the weather was a STRUGGLE BUS. Due to being around central heating and cooling, dressing for this kind of weather in the U.S. is a whole different ball game, and I essentially had to relearn how to style myself for the Indian Spring weather. In doing so, I learned when to wear certain pieces and came up with a few tricks/rules/guidelines to follow. Check them out if they help you!

Long Sleeves Tops & T-shirts: Due to the fact it still gets cool in the mornings and evenings and that I’m always cold, I opt for a long sleeve top. The season for wearing warmer clothes is so short, that we might as well take advantage of it and dress warmer before the heat kicks in!

Cardigans/Stoles/Scarves: Gone are the heavy sweaters and out come the thin cardigans and colorful stoles. Thankfully, it’s still cool enough to layer a simple long sleeve top with a fun cardigan or stole. I find that layering adds that extra something!

Jeans/pants: My everyday style is jeans. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, jeggings, flared jeans…straight up jeans…in all colors and washes and whatever works with the colors of my top and layer of choice.

Flats: So now it’s too warm for boots, and we can opt for sandals. However, personally, I like to wear closed-toe flats & loafers, because the season to wear this type of footwear without your feet sweating (gross) is so short that we might as well take advantage of it and add some variety to our wardrobe. So my boots and booties go away and I’m wearing flats and loafers just about everywhere.

So there you have it. My simple, everyday style consists of a long sleeve top with jeans, a layer to complete the entire look, and a pair of flats. It’s very basic and easy, but these pieces are my go-to and I always enjoy this part of the spring season :).


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