My Go-To Empowering Playlist

My Go-To Empowering Playlist

Throughout this year I have focused a great deal on my personal growth and mental health. Starting 2019 with extreme anxiety, one of the things that got me through it was music. Listening to empowering, encouraging music whenever I have an anxious moment to calm my nerves and let me know everything is going to be ok. My playlist is on Spotify, titled “You got This”, and I listen to it at least every week. Here are the songs that are on there:

  • “Speechless”-Naomi Scott, Aladdin Live Action Remake- The way Naomi Scott’s character Jasmine decides to speak up and stand up for herself rather than stay quiet speaks volume. The first time I heard this song I got goosebumps.
  • “Spirit”-Beyonce, The Lion King Live Action Remake-The placement of this song in the movie is when Simba is going back to the Pride Lands after being away. He’s facing his responsibility the song serves as a rite of passage. It helped me realize to be patient because good things are in store for me, and I should just have faith.
  • “This is Me”-Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman-With this song, the characters are standing up for who they are with their good and bad traits. While having moments of anxiety, I tended to go into a downward mental spiral-constantly self criticizing and comparing-it took me listening to this song over and over to get to well-This is me, and I like me.
  • “Let it Go”-Idina Menzel, Frozen-With this song Idina Menzel’s character Elsa finally realizes she needs to let go of all expectations and just embrace who she is. Seriously, what brown girl hasn’t wanted to do this for herself??
  • “You Need to Calm Down”-Taylor Swift-This song has been one of my favorites this year. It’s a happy song that communicates that we don’t need to hate or criticize. It’s not our place, and there’s room for everyone. Honestly, there are SO many people whom I’ve just wanted to say “You need to calm down”
  • “Good as Hell”-Lizzo-Lizzo is that girl friend everyone needs to get us out of feeling sorry for ourselves. She just keeps saying how we gotta look out for ourselves and feel “Good as Hell”! Who doesn’t want to feel that way??
  • “Don’t Call Me Angel”-Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Charlie’s Angels (2019)-The newest addition. 3 powerful women come together to basically say “we got this handled.” It’s kind of motivating to let us know we can have all our shit together without help.

So there you have it. My small (and growing) playlist to keep reminding that I got this handled, and I’m not alone. We all need a mental boost every and then so definitely check these songs out for yourself. I promise they for sure uplift and inspire!


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