My Go-To Airport Look

My Go-To Airport Look

I write this as I’m mere hours away from starting my vacation and I couldn’t be more excited! For me the vacation starts as soon as I leave the house. I even enjoy the airports and the journey-despite it being so long. Nevertheless, with such a long journey, comfort is key. Wearing comfortable clothing is essential to surviving the long-haul flights, and frankly staying sane. Check out my go-to look below!

Comfy T-shirt: Since I’m leaving India in the middle of the sweltering heat, I’ll always wear a simple T-shirt during my travels. T-shirts are soft, comfy, and easy to wear and are great to withstand super long journeys.

Cardigan: However, flights get extremely chilly. I am always cold in flights. I am the passenger who wears the flight socks they provide in the care package to keep my feet warm. So, I always keep a matching cardigan handy to wear during the flights whenever I feel cold.

Jeans: I love my jeans. There are no two ways about. I live in jeans all through the year. Therefore, my travel look would be incomplete without a pair of jeans. More than jeans, I go for jeggings. The stretch fabric gives the comfort of leggings without the stiffness of true denim. My airport jeans is a pair I’ve already worn in-usually from American Eagle-freshly laundered so they are good to go!

Footwear: I’ll say it again-Comfort! For me it’s my Toms; for others, it may be flip flops. For me, my feet are too cold open toe shoes-so for me Toms are a fail safe. Easy to walk in, easy to take off, and the luxury of no shoelaces (imagine that).

Personally, an airport look is about mixing personal style with comfort. Mine is a super basic look T-shirt, jeans, and Toms. Doesn’t get much more than that. As I embark on my trip: Happy Travels to you!


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