My First Experience with Spiritual Jewelry

My First Experience with Spiritual Jewelry

When it comes to my spiritual journey, I’m definitely a newbie. It’s barely been a year since I started exploring the effects of meditation and trusting the Universe to guide me, and it wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdown that I actually set aside 15-20 minutes for daily meditation, thus making it a habit (thank you Jay Shetty for that). However, as I started reaping the benefits of quieting my mind to listen to my inner voice/guidance/Universe; I instantly became more curious about other ways to enhance my spiritual health and help me move forward. Why? My answer is always simple: to make me feel good :).

So I started working with Mahamala, a spiritual jewelry brand based in New Delhi, India; which specializes in using gemstones and gem therapy to make beautiful jewelry. Through further exploring the brand, I was introduced to the Chakra Range, which includes carefully designed pieces to stimulate each of the 7 Chakras of the body. In fact, the most fascinating part to me is that each Chakra has a dedicated combination of gemstones to help properly activate that specific energy point. That’s crazy! My knowledge of spiritual jewelry is so limited that I naively assumed just one element activates all! But apparently not right? The learning process of all of this is so interesting! Oh AND, it gets even better. You can choose how you want to wear it: the necklace-the mala, the bracelet, or the wrist wrap.












I ended choosing the wrist wrap, which is so cool because I have nothing like it! Since I am just beginning to explore spiritual jewelry, the owner guided me towards the Muladhara (Root) Chakra jewelry, which I learned is the first energy point in our body. According to the handy information tag I received with the wrist wrap, the Root Chakra is concerned with physical needs and basic human survival. It is also linked to gravity, and thus helps in keeping us grounded (so much to learn here!). Once I received my wrist wrap, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so pretty! And the combination of stones and elements, purely based on the colors, isn’t something I usually go for, but I still found it so pretty:

  • Garnet: Strength, Security, and Passion
  • Red Jasper: Physical Strength and Vitality
  • Rudraksha: Associated with Lord Shiva, who represents “Ultimate Consciousness”-which is known to calm any tension
  • Silver Symbol- has the Letter & Sound of the Root Chakra
How Cute are these Pouches??

Not only did I love what I received, but I fell in love with the Mahamala as a company as well: Female Business Owner, Ethical, and Sustainable. I support ALL OF THESE THINGS! I received my wrist wrap in beautiful sustainable packaging: Khadi Fabric Pouch: organic cotton handwoven from hand-spun yarn. Mahamala sources these pouches from an organization called Sewing New Futures, which trains young adult women with vocational skills-who otherwise would’ve been forced into prostitution. In other words, by buying an item from Mahamala, here is what YOU are doing:

  • Adding to your spiritual journey
  • Supporting a female-owned business
  • Enabling underprivileged women to be able to learn skills they will retain for life and keep them off the streets.

Oh, and the best for last, my followers get a 25% of discount, which is valid until July 12, 2020! Simply use the code “MEHAA25” at check out! That is remarkable. So next time, you would like to add to your spiritual journey, check out Mahamala. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!


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