My Favorite On-The-Go Content Creating Items that are Available on Amazon

So I’ve been creating content for a good minute now, and have gone through my fair share of equipment over the years. The one thing I’ve learned is that despite the super nice, fancy equipment that is extremely useful, the on-the-go, travel equipment is just easier to deal with-and I’m totally here for it. Therefore, I’ve found 3 essentials that I can easily fit into my tote bag for content creation. So here goes!

This Tripod-I saw this on Arshia Moorjani’s Tiktok video. It’s a selfie stick+Tripod with a wireless remote that is super easy to use as a desktop stand or get up to 5 feet! AND it’s available in multiple colors. Of course, I got the purple one, and I love taking it with me for travel and outdoor shoots.

This RingLight*-So this is actually a collab. I was looking through portable ring lights on Amazon, but when this collab fell into my lap, I thought why not. It clips onto my phone, has a brightness setting and three different light settings, and it’s affordable.

A Flipstick-A foldable adhesive phone mount that sticks to any flat surface?! Um, yes please. This item popped up on my Instagram feed and I did a double take and just ordered it on the fly. OMG is it useful, especially for recording in the bathroom. Simply stick it on the surface and it stay there!

So between these three items, I’m definitely set for content creation on the go. What are some of your favorite on-the-go items? Feel free to access these in my Storefront!


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  1. August 7, 2023 / 7:09 am

    These are some great content creator items! I’m about to purchase that selfie stick/tripod- what a good investment!

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