Middle Part or Side Part? What Works best?

In a nutshell…both can work…depending on the your face shape and hairstyle. In the last few years, I’ve seen the middle part gain popularity again. Personally I’ve switched back and forth with parting my hair-middle parting when I was in high school, side parting in college, and now doing whatever I feel like. I’ve realized that both can work, depending on the vibe you are going for. Hence, I just follow whatever mood I’m in and go with that. Heres how:

Side Part

Why do it: Easy, carefree vibes, extremely flattering on angular face shapes, great way to show off your gorgeous brows!

I’ll be honest, I definitely do a side part more often. My hair is long, thick, and wavy. Therefore, a side parted ‘do is my go-to for any non-heat hairstyle, which is usually the side braid. AND parting hair to the side is a great way to cheat on oily hair days between shampoo washes. Everything kind of gets camouflaged!

Middle Part

Why do it: For symmetry and sophistication. A great option for rounder faces to make everything look even.

I love a good middle parting. I love the sophistication it brings to my face, and it is a nice break from the side parting. I typically go for a center part when I’m styling my hair-sleek straight look or soft, summer waves. Even certain looks with the Indian headpieces work best with a middle part. During my trip here, I’ve been playing around with that sleek, straight look-and I have fallen back in love with the middle part!

So both can work, depending on your mood and vibe! Just consider what you’re in the mood for on a given day/night and do you!


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