Lifestyle Essentials I’ve Gotten My Hands On

For a few years now, I unknowingly became the go-to person to find items related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Therefore, I tend to pick up tidbits for myself every now and then that simply don’t fit into any category except under the “umbrella” of lifestyle. So check out the bits I’ve picked recently and how I’m using them.

Solara Waterbottle– This grabbed my attention through an Instagram ad, and I bought it on Amazon. I was terrible at drinking water throughout the day and I’d remember at odd times, like right before going to bed. Obviously that’s not wise, but with the water bottle, I’m doing a much better job at drinking enough water at the appropriate times.

Reusable Makeup Removal Pads-Another Amazon buy. I had heard about reusable makeup removal pads, but I never used them until now. Honestly, they’ve changed my life. With Diwali celebrations, weddings, and Christmas celebrations; these were ideal in removing makeup. My makeup comes off easily, the pads are easy to clean, and I’ve used them multiple times now. What more could I ask for?

Planner-I mentioned in my last blog post that I wanted to start keeping track of everything in a planner. So I got one, I’m just one week into it, but so far it’s going strong!

All-Purpose Cleaner*-I didn’t know I need this until I got it. Local Home care brand-Dr. Octo reached out to me and sent me their entire Smarter Kit, and my favorite product in it is the All-Purpose Cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning basically everything-Aisha’s table, her toys, or any other dirty surface. It’s become an essential for me.

So those are a few lifestyle tidbits I’ve been using over the last few months. Which one of these sounds good to you?? Let me know!


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  1. January 12, 2022 / 9:18 pm

    I’ve learned something new about the reusable make up pads- will look into them!
    Also, I’m a huge fan of my planner- it helps me organize my life so much!

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