Let’s Talk about it. Period

Let’s Talk about it. Period

This week we have World Menstrual Hygiene Day on Thursday May 28. Where do I even start when it comes to periods? The fact that periods are a beautiful biological process that needs to be normalized or the fact that basic menstrual hygiene is a necessity that needs to be available to all women in all socio-economic statuses? The conversation is endless.

I just completed a book called In the Flo-Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life by Alisa Vitti, and in my opinion, every woman should read it. The book opened my eyes to the lack of research around women’s health. Lack of research leads to lack of awareness-which leads to bullying, judging, and embarrassment-not to mention stupid rules like menustrating women shouldn’t enter temples or the kitchen.

The book not only allowed me to appreciate my period, but it was that sex education/biology class I never got in school, explaining in detail what is happening inside my body and how I can navigate through the symptoms to reduce/eliminate the unpleasantness of cramps, mood swings, and cravings-which, as real and painful as they are-they can be managed. We as women are not supposed to simply “tolerate” or “deal with” those painful symptoms. By the way can you imagine if men had periods? The amount of clinical research and company accommodations would be extensive.

Yes, my friends, the female biology is particular way for a reason, and there is such a thing as a happy period. I’ve currently just started applying what I’ve learned in the book, and will keep you guys updated, but….did you know that science has shown that the stem cells found in menstrual blood can be used to treat conditions like strokes or liver damage? Menstrual Blood doesn’t seem so dirty now does it?

So people, how do we remove the “cringiness” from talking about periods? Educate Educate Educate. Educate yourselves, educate others, and just say “period” in conversation. All healthy women go through it, so we may as well say it directly.

Happy Periods to all!


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  1. May 27, 2020 / 3:56 pm

    Thanks for writing this–didn’t know there was such a thing as a menstruation day. Hmm… I got Jen Gunther’s copy of The Vagina Bible (haven’t read it yet, but can’t wait–especially with all the woo peddling going on and superstitions).

    Now I gotta go watch Ms. Dominique’s Period Poem on youtube. I adore her reasons for writing it. Yes, we need more education regarding our periods, and certainly men, too.

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