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If there’s one place where I shop for basically everything, its Amazon. And because of that, I created an Amazon storefront to share all of my recommendations and tidbits. As I continued my purchases on Amazon, I’ve collected a fair few of toddler tidbits in the past few months, which have been serious lifesavers. So here are those below!

Learning Placemats-Lately, Aisha has been preferring to eat her meals with my husband and me at the dining table instead of her high chair. So I got these colorful placemats to make her mealtimes more interactive and involving. More on these in this Tiktok!

Shoes-Toddler shoes can be so tricky. They grow so quickly so they always need new shoes! With preschool starting next month(crazy right?!) and her outgrowing her current size, I found some essentials on Amazon, which I LOVE and recommend for all littles.

Clips-My daughter’s hair is straight and everything slips out of it. Therefore, the best thing for her is snap-on clips, and I love this pack because of the colorful shapes and designs and she enjoys them too!

Detangler Hairbrush-Going along the lines of her hair, she’s move beyond the baby hairbrush and comb, but still needed something relatively gentle. It is for this reason, I chose this hairbrush. For starters, it can work on wet or dry hair, it’s small enough for her little hands, and it’s a pretty color which keeps things interesting.

Camelbak Sippy Cup-I saw this as a recommendation on Yummy Toddler Food, and when I got it, Aisha just doesn’t put it down! She always wants to drink her water in that cup that I may have to get another one! 

Toddler Chair-I stumbled across this one when I was shopping for a friend, and I found it super cute! Aisha feels so empowered that she has her own piece of furniture she can sit on and move around as she wishes!

So those are my top toddler tidbits thus far. I love them, Aisha loves them, and you can access them in my Amazon Store!


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  1. February 17, 2023 / 11:12 am

    Now that chair form Amazon is like a god send!

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