Keeping Fit while Living In India

One thing I love about Delhi is the increased awareness of health and fitness and the activities surrounding it. The amount of activities has grown so much, that I just don’t have the time to do them all! I love fitness and everything about the fitness industry, and it’s greatly impacted my mental and physical health. I’ve come to a point where I’d prefer to socialize during a workout rather than over drinks. Here are some of the activities I do regularly.

  • Pilates: I’m totally a Pilates girl. Pilates has changed my life both physically and mentally. I stumbled across an Instagram ad of a studio super close to my house and decided to give it a shot. It took one class and I was hooked. Through my Pilates classes I realized what my body was capable of, and was inspired to push myself even more. Rather than thinking “I can’t do that”, I started thinking “Let me at least try.” This thought process spread into other areas of my life, and it has given me significant courage. Currently I am doing Reformer Pilates twice a week, and I love it! 
  • Aerial Yoga: Aerial Yoga is a recent find. I went to a class with a couple of friends, and again I got hooked. Due to my Pilates background, I am able to push my strength even more, and it truly feels liberating to hang upside down. You don’t know till you try right? Currently I am doing Aerial Yoga once a week and it is such a nice complement to the muscle control that comes with Pilates because it is opening my body in ways I didn’t even imagine!

Whenever I get the time I try to squeeze in a class here and there of something new to try. Between Pilates twice a week, Yoga once a week, and my home gym 3 times a week, I really enjoy my one day break. However, whenever a unique activity comes along, I cannot resist. A few weeks ago I did a Chair Dance class, which was SO AMAZING. I can’t even describe it. More than physical health, it really boosted my mental health and I would definitely do it again. 

I keep scoping out new activities to try because Delhi has so much happening and so much to offer! Rock-climbing, Zumba, Marathons, Cycling, Barre,; you name it. It’s there, and it is incredibly exciting. The trick is the look around and stay motivated. Hopefully as I grow in my fitness journey I am able to expand my horizons more ways than I can imagine :).

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