Intentions for 2024

When it came to planning this final blog post of the year, I originally immediately thought of doing a 2023 reflection, but I did a very similar one just last month for my birthday. However, since I had an opportunity to reflect on the year thus far, I also had an opportunity to come up with intentions I’d like to incorporate moving forward. I’m not a huge believer in “New Years resolutions”; I feel specific resolutions can be set at any time during the year. However, I love looking at the idea of a fresh start after a truly indulgent holiday season, plus it helps combat the winter blues. So lately I’ve been thinking about how to further refine my health and overall well-being. I’ve got the bigger stuff down: drinking water, having a cleaning schedule, everything shower, etc; but now the intention is focus on the small nuances to improve life. So under the umbrella of health & wellness, here is a list of my intentions moving into 2024.

  • Oil Pulling-started it before pregnancy, then gagged so badly in my first trimester-need to start it again
  • Intentional breathwork-just 5 minutes a day; I can do this
  • Clean the Smaller Items & Spaces more often-Makeup Brushes, Hairbrush, Refrigerator-no excuse just lazy
  • Switch to Glass from BPA-free Plastic-already have a glass water bottle in my Amazon Cart
  • Add more protein to my diet
  • Figure out the Gut, Collagen, & Age Reverse Supplements to take
  • Meal Prep-I plan but not prep; but I will get there.
  • Wash my produce before putting it away
  • Always have a book by my bedside-I sleep better when I read
  • Spend atleast 10 minutes outside-try for mornings
  • Actually try a cold plunge-I HATE cold water on me but I know it’s got amazing benefits, so fingers crossed maybe in the summer??

I think that list above is enough to get me started moving forward. The challenge is finding the time to do the research. Therefore, my plan between Christmas and New Years is to habit stack and research what needs to be done. This is my final blog post of 2023. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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