Head-to-Toe Outerwear Essentials for that Winter Wonderland Getaway

Happy Thanksgiving week! It’s the end of November so air is cool and crisp, you can see snow on the mountains and everything is transitioning from autumnal gorgeousness to a Winter Wonderland. In light of everything becoming a Winter Wonderland, it’s time to get out all that super warm and cozy winter gear. Fortunately we got to get those items out a little early since my family and I went on a quick getaway to Incline Village, Nevada for a nice little vacation. Originally I had planned to share about the entire experience of the trip, but a more helpful post is sharing what we need to fully enjoy that snowy weather-especially with Black Friday deals all over the place-so let’s take a minute to take inventory and stalk up! So here are head-to-toe essentials the whole family needs for a snowy getaway!

Hats-So I originally underestimated the impact of a beanie in the snow, and I would avoid wearing hats because I didn’t know how to style my hair. However, I figured out the hair bit, and quickly realized a cute beanie definitely keeps you warm and enhances that fun winter outfit. Even Aisha enjoyed rocking her beanies, and she was fairly comfortable to walk in the snow.

Quilted Jackets-In my opinion, nothing beats a quilted jacket to keep you warm in the super cold weather. My personal favorites are Patagonia, Aritzia, North Face, and 32 Degrees. However, Aisha’s quilted jackets were from Macy’s and Amazon, so the options are truly endless. Wearing a quilted jacket outdoors is like putting on a heater. One doesn’t feel cold at all, and they even protect against the wind!

Gloves-Another small accessory that works wonders. My hands are ALWAYS cold, and if I don’t have a pair of gloves on I’m extremely uncomfortable. This year I got my hands on tech touch gloves, where I don’t have to take them off to scroll through my phone-which is very nice. Aisha’s unicorn mittens were from Target, which she loved so much I had to hide them from her!

All Weather Boots-In my mind, Fall and Winter is true boots season, and I love a cute boot. However, for the snow, we need the all weather ones: they’re warm, waterproof , and you can walk just about anywhere with them. Believe it or not, I picked up my two pairs of boots from Costco, while Aisha’s extra warm, waterproof boots were from Target.

So those are my outerwear winter essentials! What are you going to stock up on??


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  1. November 26, 2022 / 4:48 am

    My favorite, winter essentials are scarves, gloves, and air mouse. Are used to love hats/beanies, but they would never stay on my head so I switched to earmuffs, lol. However, love your post, it was super cute.

    • November 29, 2022 / 3:27 am

      I’ve actually never done earmuffs! Maybe i’ll try them!

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