Gallivanting thru Colorado-Part 3

Gallivanting thru Colorado-Part 3

Ok. This is my last one I promise. Basically the next couple of days went into being touristy, covering all the spots: Garden of the Gods, United States Olympics Training Center, United States Air Force Academy, Broadmoor Hotel, and Pikes Peak. Check out the experience below!

Garden of the Gods

Whatever I saw about Garden of the Gods is an understatement. It is one the most unique natural phenomenon I’ve ever seen. With over300 sandstone rock formations, we took advantage of the morning hours and walked through the park, seeing the formations up close. It’s truly beautiful. Every time we looked at the rock we discovered something new, and we were able to climb up and sit at certain points! This is one place I will definitely come back to.

United States Olympics Training Center

I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics. For as long as I can remember I’ve watched everything about the Olympics from the opening ceremony to my favorite sporting events to the closing ceremony, and seeing the Team USA always made me proud. In more recent years, evening seeing Team India in the Olympics was a moment of pride. Therefore going to the training center was a must. Fortunately, we ended up going there on Olympic Day, so we had the privilege of meeting some Olympic athletes and getting so autographs and pictures taken-we even met Paralympic Gold Medalist Noah Elliot. The facilities were incredible. Seeing the different types of gyms-whether it is for basketball, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics,-was something else.

United States Air Force Academy

Honestly, with the Air Force Academy, I didn’t know what to expect. It was recommended a few times so we made the trip over. For starters it is at the bottom of a mountain so it is beautiful and green all around. The chapel is incredible architecture, and the way they are sensitive to all faiths is amazing. Seeing the academy was eye-opening, as we walked through the roles that increase by each year. It was an experience.

Broadmoor Hotel

We ended our action-packed day with a meal at the Broadmoor Hotel. Being one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Broadmoor had some incredible palatial homes surrounding the historic resort. The hotel had a bit of old-world charm with a river running through it, and it was amazing. It was as if we went back in time!

How gorgeous is this?!

Pikes Peak

Our last day was only planned around our visit to Pikes Peak: the highest summit in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. At a little over 14,000 feet, it is one of the few drivable mountains. Therefore, we took the drive upward. On the way up, we stopped at Balanced Rock-the last bit of the Garden of the Gods-which was amazing! Then, we drove toward the mountain. The summit was extremely cold, but the view was breathtaking. Seeing the Rockies with the lakes and everything was just beautiful.

Thats it for Colorado! Onto different topics next week!!


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