Family Friendly Activities to Look for in Your Local Community

When it comes to the last quarter of the year, I’m that person who wants to participate in literally every single festive activity, and build memories with my daughter. However, my husband is not like that, so we tend to pick and choose things to do. With the weather finally cooling down and a festive atmosphere all around, it’s one of the best times to enjoy the events in our local communities. So here are a few local event ideas you can enjoy this Fall!

Farmers Markets-So I’m blessed to live in a community where there are Farmer’s Markets throughout the year, BUT there’s something really special about a fresh, cool, crisp October morning. It just adds to the whole vibe doesn’t it?

Pumpkin Patch-Probably the most obvious one: visiting one or multiple pumpkin patches. There are animals to pet, pumpkins to admire, possible hayrides. Basically something to enjoy for the entire family. I know I have such fond memories of pumpkin patches growing up and I’m so looking forward to creating them with my little family as well.

Crafting/Baking Events-With all the festivities, many local spots will be hosting crafting/baking events for different age groups that are centered around the season. I would LOVE to do crafts or bake cookies with my toddler, but 1. I don’t want to spend money on supplies and 2. I don’t want to deal with the mess. So might as well outsource both of those things and make it a thing right? Just another way to participate and contribute locally and create some family memories.

Fall/Harvest Markets-Similar to the farmers market, but a market centered around all things local and autumnal. I mean what more could you want?? Most of these events take place outside. Therefore, it’s a great way to take advantage of good weather and make an outing out of it!

So those are a few ideas of what one can do locally during these Fall months. Other than that, keep an eye on your town/city’s social media platforms for more ideas! Happy Autumn!


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