Everything I’m Currently Doing to Achieve Glass Skin

If you’ve been following me for a minute you’d know that I love skincare. I love how it makes me feel, I love the indulgence of it, and the ultimate result. In the last few months of 2023, I took a deeper dive into my skincare regime to ensure I’m doing my best as I continue into my 30s. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to achieve that glowy, glass skin on a daily basis on the face and the body. Thus, I’ve modified my routines and changed up some of my products to ultimately achieve that glass skin appearance. So for this blog post, I’m purely focusing on what all I do for my face, and here goes!



  • Hydration-Starting off with the basics, drinking water. As much as I love the aesthetic of a Stanley, I will literally forget to drink water if it’s not time marked. Therefore, I just bought a glass, time marked water bottle with affirmations to keep the hydration going throughout the day.
  • Kansa Wand-A Kansa wand is an ayurvedic metal tool designed to massage the skin and stimulate collagen production. It helps reduce puffiness, creates a lifted appearance, and slows the aging process. I massage my face with a Kansa wand every morning post shower. I add this oil to my face and massage it in, and then wash it off with a gentle cleanser
  • Washing the face for 60 seconds-I’ve been seeing countless videos how we should take a minute to literally massage the products into our skin before washing them off-to get the full benefits. Therefore, I always cleanse for at least 60 seconds before proceeding to the next step.
  • Use products with Active Skin Care Ingredients-All the skincare products I use have active ingredients: whether it is a glass serum with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid or a glowy serum with Vitamin C and rosehip oil. Basically achieving the glow while the products are working on my skin
  • Sunscreen-If there is one rule to take away from skincare is to use sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.


  • Double Cleanse-At the end of the day, the first step in my skincare routine is to double cleanse. I’ve recently started doing this and I do feel a significant difference in my skin. Starting with an oil cleanser to take the products off from the day, moving to micellar water, and them proceeding with a foam cleanser.
  • Skin Cycling-I alternate between different skincare regimes every evening from exfoliation to retinol to ceramides. For more on this, check out this blog post.
  • Night Cream-Another recent step is night cream. I used to just apply a generic moisturizer at the end of the night, but using a night cream is a game changer. I just started using this one.
  • Oil & Gua Sha-The final step I have added to my routine is oiling my face and Gua sha. I bought the TeraHertz gua Sha from Amazon and I gua sha my entire face to my entire daily and nightly skincare routine.


  • Dermaplane-I’m in the process of doing laser hair reduction. Therefore, I do shave my face every week and it creates an immediate smoothness that just wasn’t there before. I first apply this preshave oil, and then go over it with these razors.
  • Face Mask-Honestly, this started as a hobby more than anything, but I love the feel of a face mask, so after my everything shower I apply a face mask every week.
  • Eye Mask-Just like a good face mask: I love the feel and the benefits. So eye masks go along with my face masks after the everything shower. I just got my hands on these ones. Full review coming soon!
  • Washing Silk Pillowcases-I use silk pillow cases at bedtime, and the benefits of silk for skin and hairĀ  are truly endless. AND I do wash them every single week.

Quarterly-I’ve just added hydrofacials to my routine, first one is in a couple weeks! I’m excited and I’ll keep you posted!

So that is an overview of the what I’m currently doing to achieve that gorgeous glass skin. So far, things are going well and I’m loving the process. Let me know if I should do a separate post on body care!


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