Everyday Makeup tricks That are a Game Changer

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’d know I don’t talk about makeup much, but I definitely enjoy it. Creating looks for a night out or simply enhancing my features on a daily basis is just fun, and it makes me feel good. As a mother, we literally have NO TIME whatsoever. However, I do want to set a good example for Aisha that it is important to take care of yourself to simply feel good. This brings me to a few daily makeup rituals that are literal game changers in creating a quick, presentable everyday look. So check them out below!

Filling in Eyebrows-Believe it or not, I am relatively new to this. I didn’t start filling in my eyebrows regularly until a few months after Aisha was born. For me, filling in eyebrows was something I did on occasion with a full face of makeup. But I’m enjoying using my eyebrow pencil so much that I do it daily. It instantly frames my face and my eyebrows are on point!

Mascara-Another thing I never used to do daily. With naturally longer dark lashes, I didn’t think too much about mascara. But on a whim, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised at how much more awake my eyes looked! I basically went for “tired eyes” to “awake eyes” in a matter of seconds!

Tinted Moisturizer-I don’t use foundation or concealer daily, but I love a good tinted moisturizer. It instantly evens out skin. The best part is that my tinted moisturizer is actually my sunscreen so it’s a double win!

Lip Liner-This was actually something my mom introduced me to. I have a straighter upper lip. Therefore, I started using lipliner to create a more defined cupid’s bow, and it really works! So whether it’s my daily lipstick or lip gloss, a lip liner is a must have.

So there you have it, my go-to daily makeup hacks for my everyday look. What works for you??


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