Current Summer Obsession: Coord Sets

So every season or so, I always find a trend to fixate on. This summer it’s coord sets-matching sets of tops and skirts/shorts/culottes/pants. I actually got introduced to coord sets in India, but I never really encountered them or looked for them here. However, this summer I wanted to elevate my everyday style and I stumbled across coord sets on Amazon. Now, so far, I’ve only bought two of them. However, I would totally buy more, but I would be going way way over budget. So here are the reasons why you should get your hands on at least one (or two) coord sets!

No Decision Making: With a coord set there’s literally no decisions to make in what to wear. A top with a designated bottom is already created you to pull out of your closet so you don’t need to use your brain to figure out what goes with what! I don’t know about you, but I like an easy decision every now and then.

Easy to Accessorize: Because the basics are already taken care of, the only personalizing you’d have to do is the accessories and you really can’t go wrong. You can add literally any type of shoe: whether it’s a sneaker, heel, or a sandal; just about any kind of jewelry, and wear your hair up or down. The basics are literally already taken care of and you just need to spruce it up.

Season-Friendly Materials: What I love about coord sets is you can always find seasonally appropriate options. For example, my summer ones are all linen blends which makes them extremely breathable, and I have my eye on some warmer ones which are knit and wool blends, making them super cozy for those cooler months. Hence, many different materials for all kinds of weather.

Effortless and Chic All at once Look: Now I love an effortless look, but I also like a chic look. So When an outfit can bring them both together, I’m all about it. A cohesive look is created that looks well put together with minimal effort.

So those are the reasons why I’m currently obsessing over coord sets, and yes I will buy some more. You can see the one’s I currently have and the one’s I will buy eventually here in my Amazon Storefront!


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