Scheduling that SAHM Life to Stay Sane

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m knee-deep in creating routines and schedules that simply work for me. I already have a daily routine in place, but stay-at-home mom life has got me in all kinds of structuring and restructuring and (I think) I’ve finally created a couple of schedules that do work for running a household-with the help of Pinterest of course. So here are my current schedules!

Laundry Schedule-Of course I can’t wash everything in a day, and rather than getting super overwhelmed by seeing the laundry in the hamper-each day of the week is dedicated to different type of load:

  • Monday: Darks
  • Tuesday: Aisha
  • Wednesday: Lights
  • Thursday: Shirts or Jeans
  • Friday: what was missed on Friday
  • Saturday: Sheets (if needed)

House Cleaning Schedule-So quick disclaimer, I do have a cleaning lady who comes every week-which is a huge blessing and a privilege. However, on the weeks she doesn’t come, I did have to create schedule to work with, and the same thing happened as it did with laundry: can’t do it all in a day especially with a toddler who likes to mark her territory EVERYWHERE. So while I have the daily cleaning chores that I do, deep cleans for each room are on specific days. So here goes:

  • Daily cleaning:
    • Dishes
    • Wiping Down Countertops
    • Sweeping Kitchen Floor
  • Monday: Kitchen & Hallway
  • Tuesday: Living Room
  • Wednesday: Bathroom
  • Thursday: Bedroom

At the moment, I’m still working on a work and errands schedule, but these are what I’m operating on right now. What do all of you do??


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  1. September 16, 2022 / 6:28 am

    I love that you keep a good schedule as a SAHM. It keeps you on top of it in terms of time management.

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