Creating the Perfect Color-coordinated Outfit

One of the biggest compliments I’ve received in how my style myself is how well color-coordinated I am. Every aspect of my outfit manages to fit together, whether it’s a pair of bright-colored Allbirds or floral pants-if it’s cute, I’ll make it work. So let me take you through my process of how I put together my version of the perfect color-coordinated outfit!


Step 1: Pick that 1 Piece, You Really Want to Wear-This is how I start. It always starts with one item that I have my eye on that I really want to wear-it could range from a pair of shoes to a sweatshirt to even a purse-essentially, pick that one thing that you’d love to wear and start working with it, take a look at the colors and the style, and that will decide your whole vibe.

Step 2: Add Complimentary Basics-Next is the neutrals. Now that you have your piece that you really want to wear, how are you going to make it work with the rest of the outfit elements? What tops, what bottoms, what accessories? In this step, it’s best to add the neutrals to enhance that piece that you love.

Step 3: Ensure Pops of Color-You’ve got your statement piece, you’ve completed it with your neutrals, and now it’s time to finish it pops of color. This can be super fun, either you can take the color that’s in your statement piece or take any other color as long as it goes with the entire look. Voila! All done!

So that is my process for putting together my ideal color coordinated outfit. What steps would you add or subtract?


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