Bullet Journaling: What, Why, and How

We all know the power of a To-Do list. It allows us to set a plan for the day/week ahead, and one of the most satisfying parts of it is crossing/checking off a task once it is complete. At the beginning of 2020, I made it a point to start having a To-Do list to jot down whatever tasks I need to complete within a given day. So rather than buying an actual planner, I decided to try the Bullet Journal method. I saw my sister get creative with it last year, so I thought to give it a shot. Therefore, I bought a blank sketchbook and a pack of different colored sketch pens, and went to town!

What is it: For those of us who aren’t familiar with the Bullet Journal method, it is a way of quickly jotting down the tasks at hand. Bullet Journals take us away from the digital calendars and back to writing things down on paper, which has been proven to help with our memory. It has a very simple logging system, where Tasks, Events, and Notes are represented by a different marks, and each item gets crossed off once it is complete. Bullet Journals can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to track different areas of our lives, including our daily tasks, period cycles, workout schedules, self care schedules-You name it.

What I do: I use a Bullet Journal to help plan my day. It is one place that allows me to log my scheduled Zoom classes, IGLives, and calls; along with a To-Do list of tasks I’d like to complete within a given day. I started writing my tasks down to remember what all I have to do because (guess what) I kept forgetting!-so this helps me remember. Therefore my daily bullet journal entries include my daily tasks, anything scheduled like a Zoom workout, an IGLIve I’d like to watch, or a call; the type of meditation I’d like to do that day, the skincare practice of that day, and any additional self care practices. I even write down when I have to shampoo my hair because I forget! I also record some aspects of the Alisa Vitti’s Cycle Syncing Method-including the number of hours I slept that night, daily self care activities, my energy, my mood, and a space for reflection at the end of the day. On a weekly basis-I record where I am in my cycle-and what aspect of my brain is most optimum-which allows me to plan and organize my work tasks for the week and even the month.

How I do It: I always find the process of recording a bullet journal to be therapeutic and fun. While I’ve mentioned what goes into it above, how I do them is also a part of the whole process. When I started, I discovered so many creative layouts with pretty colors and stencils, and therefore decided to do a different color scheme and layout every month to keep things fun and interesting. Through this, it becomes another creative outlet for me. Who knew that recording a simple to do list could be fun?? It’s the little things guys.

So there you have it, how I record my daily To-Dos plus a little more. I highly recommend having some sort of list to help you navigate your day. It helps you remember what to do, it feels really good when you cross things off, and it can be fun. We can all use a little fun can’t we??


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  1. Neethu
    July 1, 2020 / 3:48 pm

    What a great idea!!! I starting doing a to-do list on my planner to keep track of everything. Nothing feels accomplished as crossing off the list. Thank you for sharing

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