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During lockdown last year, I started exploring cleaner options in my self care routine, starting with skincare, haircare, and my latest thing-home care.  Through this journey, I’ve had the opportunity of exploring some amazing homegrown brands that I’m definitely into. Check out a few of my top picks below!


  • Dot & KeyThis was one of the first brands I came across. I discovered them on Instagram when I was pregnant, but I started using them after I stopped breastfeeding. I wanted to incorporate serums into my skincare routine, and Dot & Key was the first brand I wanted to try: clean, natural, local. Now, I have a collection of their serums that I’ve been using for some time, and I’m quite happy with the results. My skin is clearer and cleaner than it has been in awhile, and it was exactly what I need to keep up with the “busy mom” routine. I just recently added their eye cream to my collection, and so far so good!
  • Three Sisters OrganicsThis brand I came across recently. I got a set as a birthday gift and I’m in love with their products. It’s clean, natural, paraben free, women-owned-and I’m excited to play with more of their products. The face mask is my current favorite.


  • Let’s Curl Up-When I started the wavy girl journey, this was the first brand I came across to use on my hair. So one Instagram ad later, I bought their entire product range, and I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised. With these products, my waves are well-defined, if I say so myself-pretty. In fact, I’m still using these products, and I’m too lazy to experiment with any other curly girl brand. The curling cream and gel are perfect to define my waves. For more about my wavy girl journey, check out this blog post.


  • *Dr. Octo- So home care is my latest discovery. I always knew that non-toxic home care brands existed, but I never properly explored it. That was until Dr. Octo reached out to work with me. As a mother, I’m always looking for cleaner options to use around and on my daughter. Dr. Octo is doing just that. They sent me their Dr. Octo Smarter Kit, which included their laundry detergent, floor cleaner, dish soap, all-purpose spray, and a toilet cleaner. Not only did these probiotic, plant-based products smell good, but they also did their job really well. Thanks to clean ingredients, I’m using them for Aisha’s essentials: her laundry-where her clothes smell great, her plates and dishes-which are squeaky clean; and my favorite: the all-purpose spray to clean her toys, wipe down her high chair, and everything inbetween.

In fact Dr. Octo is offering 100 off

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So those are the non-toxic brands I’m currently enjoying. As I write this, I am testing out more non toxic brands, so watch out for a possible part 2?


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