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Here it is: Another “brands we love” post-this time it’s all about makeup. I’ve said this in other blog posts as well: but I’m not a makeup artist, I just enjoy makeup a lot. I wear some bit of it nearly everyday, and I always love exploring something new. Thus, in the nearly 8 years I’ve lived here, I’ve come across some wonderful cosmetics brands that I love. Please keep in mind, I’ve only tried a couple of products from each brand, but I’m eager to try more.  So check out my list below!

Simply Nam-My newest discovery-thanks to Instagram-I always admired Namrata Soni’s makeup and my eyes popped when her brand showed up on my Instagram feed. Therefore, I had my eye on it for awhile and I finally took the plunge and bought some lipsticks. I am OBSESSED with them. I love the colors, the finish, the quality-like I want to try more products-that’s how obsessed I am.

Kay by Katrina-I was the most skeptical about this brand-mainly because it felt like just another celebrity makeup brand. The first product I bought of theirs was a brown lipliner, which I saw as a recommendation in a Youtube video-and I love it. It’s my favorite lipliner and I use it with literally everything. My love for the lipliner is what led me to buy the kajal, which is so gorgeous AND the translucent setting powder.

Nykaa Cosmetics-As a regular customer on the Nykaa website, when they launched their own cosmetics line, I knew I had to give it a shot. By now I have 6 Nykaa lipsticks: Matte ones,  lip crayons, painsticks….and I love them all

Swiss Beauty-So I only have one product from them, which is their eyebrow palette and I use it every single day. After using pencil after pencil, I stumbled upon Swiss beauty and bought the palette on Amazon. I am obsessed with it.

Ruby’s Organics-This one was also discovered through an instagram ad. I love the idea of natural makeup brand. I was in the market for a new mascara, so I immediately ordered the Ruby’s Organic’s Mascara. I love that it’s natural, and my eyelashes appear longer and darker.

So those are a few of the Indian makeup brands that I’m loving right now. Any of these you’re willing to try??


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  1. June 3, 2022 / 6:10 am

    I haven’t heard of half of these Indian brands so I’m glad you’re shared them!

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