Beauty Essentials You can get On Amazon India

When it comes to beauty essentials, Amazon is not necessarily the first place I think of. I usually gravitate towards Nykaa, independent websites, Boddess, or NNow. Nevertheless, through exploration and brand collaborations, I’ve come across some amazing beauty bits on Amazon India, which had me pleasantly surprised. So check out my tidbits below.

Silk Pillowcase & Scrunchies-We all know that using a silk pillowcase does wonders for skin and hair, ands after an amazon search, I found great deal which had two pillowcases with 3 matching scrunchies! So basically my bedtime self-care just increased my ten-fold.

Sanfe Clay Face Mask*-I always admired Sanfe as a brand, I’ve bought their products directly through their website, but I didn’t know they sold their products through Amazon-until they reached out to work with me. Through our collaboration, I got introduced to their Clay Face Mask and I LOVE IT. It’s got amazing ingredients, it’s super easy to use and extremely convenient as well. Check out my reel on it here!

Microfibre Towel Wrap-Ever since I started embracing the wavy girl method, (more on that here), I started realizing the impact of using cotton towels to dry the hair. So I invested in a microfibre towel wrap, and my hair is significantly better for it. It’s softer, less frizzy, and my hair dries faster because microfibre is so absorbent.

Bella Vita Organic Eye Cream*-Another brand I admire and have bought from directly through their website, until I learned they had products on amazon. Their eye cream is fabulous for summer. It’s gel-like and extremely cooling, yet moisturizing at the same time. Even though I worked with them, this is an amazing product. So check it out for yourself!

*I have worked with these brands, but I do love these products!

So those are a few beauty essentials that have come my way on Amazon India. I promise you the list does not end here, but it’s a great place to start. Which one would you go with??


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  1. July 18, 2022 / 1:49 am

    I love this post. Amazon is such a secret gem of a website. But sometimes you need help getting through the website. Thanks for your picks!

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