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Happy August! Can you believe it’s August. It’s crazy how fast the year is going by. Anyhow, when I think of August I always think of back to school and I do remember the excitement that surrounded all the back to school shopping. So here’s the thing: I’m not in school myself, nor is my child in school. HOWEVER, when I asked on Tiktok whether I should share Amazon back to school items, I got a yes please. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve included items that I’m currently using for my preschool-age toddler, which may or may not apply. For Reference, my toddler goes to preschool 3 days a week and daycare 2 days a week-so she’s on the go just about everyday. So here are some tried and tested back to school essentials!

WaterBottles-So I don’t know about you all, but I definitely didn’t have a waterbottle in my backpack until college. However, it’s important for all humans of all sizes to stay hydrated and Amazon has plenty of water bottle options. I personally like this Camelbak one. It’s easy to hold and to drink from plus it’s available in a variety of colors. For an insulated option, I like the Simple Modern Kids one. Both water bottles are 14 oz, dish washer safe, come with wide straws, and leakproof. We use them both interchangeably and I have a happy little girl.

Backpacks-We all know there are plenty of backpack options out there. We are personally using the Mibasies* one. The backpacks are available in a variety of colors and they’re extremely durable. What I love the most is that the backpacks are available in three different sizes: depending on the age group. We have the smallest size-which doesn’t fit a school folder, but it holds an extra set of clothes, diapers, and wipes. The next size up is targeted towards elementary age around 5-8, and the next size up is large enough to fit a laptop. All backpacks have a waterbottle pocket and an insulated outer pocket for all food items. We are using this one for preschool, and this one was kindly sent to us by the brand-and since we don’t have a school use for it just yet, we use it for travel. More on how spacious these bags are in this video.

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox-I love a compartment style meal. I find them very cute to look at, and my daughter is no different. For daycare mornings, we take our breakfast with us, and this Bentgo Lunchbox is perfect. Available in multiple prints, good for kids up to 7 years old, dishwasher safe, leakproof, refrigerator and dishwasher friendly-what more could you honestly want?? My daughter gets super excited eating her meals from this box so it’s a staple in our house for sure.

Shoes-Oh we love our shoes over here. On preschool days, my daughter wears her sneakers and she loves them. We use Weestep (they look like converse), Dreampairs, and we just out grew our Adidas. You cannot go wrong with these. They’re comfortable, washable, and she’s always running around in them!

So those are the current back-to-school items I am currently using for my not-yet school-aged child and they’re truly incredible. You can access these plus some more items for kids and adults in my Amazon Storefront.


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  1. August 7, 2023 / 7:13 am

    These are such great amazon finds for kids!

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