All the Details for Aisha’s Birthday Celebration

I can’t believe that my daughter is already 2! How crazy is that?! Time truly flies doesn’t it? If you’ve been seeing my Instagram for the last week or so you’d know that we celebrated Aisha’s 2nd birthday on International Women’s Day and (this year) Holi + a little birthday party/playdate over the weekend. Thankfully, everything went very well and here’s what we did.

The actual birthday day was a normal day with gym, daycare, but a few additional presents. We woke up, had a birthday call with her grandparents and then proceeded about our day. At this stage, Aisha was fairly overwhelmed with all the attention she was getting, but by the time we got home and saw presents, we instantly felt better. My husband and I got her her own set of wheels since, which she loves. So after several rounds in that, we had Thai food for dinner and came home to cut a Holi-Inspired birthday cake.

Then finally, over the weekend we had a little birthday playdate at the Children’s Museum which was super fun. As adults, we made friends with other parents and the kids had a blast as well. The best part: the littles got so much of their energy out that they were all ready for nap time by the afternoon!

So those are the details for Aisha’s Birthday week. I still can’t believe it, but I’ve glad everything went well!


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  1. March 16, 2023 / 6:20 am

    I can’t get over the theme and that birthday cake! I liked that you let her take a break since she got overwhelmed with family- that’s smart. Most parents usually get frustrated but I like that you noticed she needed some “me time” to recharge.

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