A Few Good Things that Have Come from Quarantine

So last week we had International Day of Happiness (March 20), and this week we have World Water Day (March 22) and Earth Hour Day (March 28)-all of which are reminders to take a minute and appreciate what is around us by doing what makes us happy (for our mental health)and what is good for the environment (for overall health). However, with self-quarantine in full swing, it is-fortunately-allowing us to appreciate so many aspects of our lives that we wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. You know what? It’s a GOOD thing. Through this difficult and challenging time, there are so many good things happening and we just have to see the light :).

Less Pollution: The most obvious one: Less. Pollution. Everywhere. Since is staying home, there are less planes roaming the skies, no ships sailing across the ocean, and very few cars on the road. Because of this lesser movement, the weather is a little cooler, skies are bluer, dolphins are swimming closer to shore, birds are chirping louder-need I say more?? Personally, I’m feeling it as well. I love sitting out in my lawn drinking tea and taking in how peaceful it is :).

Opportunity to Revamp our Routines: Now that we’re home more, we have so much more time to do things for ourselves! We have time to do a whole lot of self care since we’ve all slowed down! Ever since I transitioned to working from home-I’ve revamped my hair care routine, figured out a decent skin care routine, and ensured a meditation routine. All of this is possible because I was forced to slow down-and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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Innovating to get Stuff Done: There is so much we’re learning during this time it is unbelievable. We have an opportunity to get things done in a whole new way and it may bring a permanent change in our lives-who knows. All my workouts are on Zoom, I’m catching up with my friends through FaceTime and Whatsapp video, and I’m able to consume knowledge through so many online workshops. Innovation is unfolding everywhere and it is fascinating to see how everyone is making it work.

Our world is going through an incredibly challenging time, and it’s so important that we take a minute and be grateful for the good that it is bringing around us. We will definitely get through this, and please be safe everyone! Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay home :).


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