9 Instagram & Youtube Accounts to Use for Your Home Workouts

9 Instagram & Youtube Accounts to Use for Your Home Workouts

Let’s face it, there is a TON of content surfacing on the socials. From the IGTVs to the IGLives to YouTube videos, there is so much to watch and listen to that you almost have to think and filter through where you want to devote your time. However, I’m loving all the interesting workouts on Instagram and Youtube. Obviously with all the gyms and studios being closed, so many different kinds of workouts are surfacing online, and the best part is for the most part all you need is Internet access and an Instagram account AND they is no extra charge.

Every week, I devote one day of my workout week to explore something on Instagram or Youtube, and I’ve come across some fantastic workouts that are very easy to do at home. I don’t watch the IGLives-mostly because they don’t work with my schedule, but I do play around with the IGTVs or YouTube videos. So here are a few accounts I’ve discovered that you guys can definitely use!

Sweaty Betty-My favorite so far. This UK-based athletic wear brand is uploading IGTVs almost daily with short videos on how to perfect certain moves ,to healthy recipes that are easy to follow, to full workouts ranging for 10-30 minutes. I’ve personally done the Yoga Flow, Barre, and Pilates and oh man I felt it every single time.

Real Pilates-A Dubai-based Pilates studio with a range of Pilates and yoga workouts ranging from 10-60 minutes, depending on your time preference! I even saw a video of pre-natal pilates on there.

Namrata PurohitA celebrity Fitness trainer in Mumbai, India. Her IGTVs are less than 5 minutes, where she does very specific movements using basic props that are available in every home. Although her videos are not full workouts, they can easily be added to existing workouts or combined altogether.

Yasmin Karachiwala-A celebrity Pilates Instructor in Mumbai, India. Her videos are short as well, but she uses her IGTVs to explain how we can easily do small exercises within our sedentary lifestyle-such as exercises while you’re on your bed or the couch. She’s ensuring you don’t become a couch potato while sitting on the couch!

Blogilates-This woman has made a career out of online workouts. Whether it is her YouTube channel or her IGTVs she has SO MANY workout videos that are easily accessible and definitely worth checking out. In fact you can put a full body workout together just her videos and you’ll be good!

Les MillsAn online platform that started in Aukland, New Zealand. These workouts are INTENSE! Despite their subscription service, the workout videos on YouTube are hardcore. If you’re looking to get your heart racing and drip in sweat during your workout, this is the way to go.

LuluLemon-Vancouver, Canada-based athletic wear brand. The IGTVs range from full workouts to small videos explaining certain moves or sequences. A great resource to get your home workouts in.

Body by Simone-Simone De La Rue is a Celebrity trainer based on L.A. With a background in dance and cardio, her IGTVs are shorter videos that explain sequences or take you through quick workouts that can be easily done at home. She’s also got some workout videos on her YouTube channel as well.

Under Armour-An athletic wear brand based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their IGTV channel has tons of short videos, which take you through various workout sequences. All the videos are less than 10 minutes, but they include details to get a full workout in. It’s definitely worth checking out!

So there you have it, some accounts that have come up on my feed, and I find to be great resources for your home workouts! As I’ve said before, we are in an extremely unique time, yet we have the opportunity to explore different avenues-including expanding our workouts. So try out a few of these and see what can work for you! Remember, these are free! 😉 Stay safe everyone!


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