8 Changes I’ve made to Become “That Girl”

At the beginning of 2024, I made a mini list of lifestyle changes I intended to make this year to optimize my health and my lifestyle. As I write this, we are about a month and a half into 2024 and I’ve actually stuck to some of those changes and seen the results. So here are the changes I’ve made, which I highly recommend, along with the results.

  • Oil Pulling- Attempted this 2020 and gagged so much thanks to pregnancy. So this is take 2: Swishing a Tablespoon of Coconut oil for 10 minutes before brushing my teeth has made my teeth visibly whiter and less sensitive.
  • Daily Cup of Bone Broth-1/2 cup of chicken bone broth + 1/2 cup of beef bone broth + some spices=a tasty morning drink to warm the system and add some collagen. My skin has a very visible glow.
  • Intentional Planning-As someone who used to plan on the go, this has significantly reduced my daily mental load-plus it’s fun with a cute set of pens, a fun planner, and a cup of coffee.
  • No Screentime from 9:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m. -Trying to change this time to 8:30 p.m., BUT this has improved my sleep, eased my mornings and allowed me to start the day on my own terms.
  • Reading Every Night-Because of no screen time, I’m loving reading books before bed. It helps with getting lost in the imagination, and hence helps with better sleep.
  • Coffee after Breakfast (>1 hour post wake up)-No glucose spike in the morning. I find myself feeling more alert as I let my body gradually wake up and then treat myself to coffee.
  • Switching to Unsweetened Almond Milk-I am an oat milk girl through and through. BUT I found that unsweetened Almond Milk is better for my PCOS, my skin, and overall health, and I do see myself looking and feeling better.
  • Kansa Wand & Gua Sha Every Night-Highly Recommend this. I wake up finding my face super snatched and chiseled. Plus the additional benefits are just icing on the cake. Highly recommend this step!

So those are some changes I’ve actually stuck with in 2024 so far. I look and feel better and I’m excited to witness the long term results of this!


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  1. February 19, 2024 / 10:35 am

    I love all the changes you made! I’m still on my journey but have implemented some of these changes too (like no screen time before bed/reading before bed).

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