5 Ways to Practice Self Love this Valentines

So whenever Valentines month comes around, I’m always inspired to do posts surrounding self love, mostly for myself but for others as well. However, every year I do add to that list as I continue on my own self love journey. So, if you’d like to check out my previous self love posts, click here. And, if you’d like to see my additions to those, check out my list below!

Remember: Celebrate LOVE not Relationships-Oftentimes Valentines Day is assumed to be a day to celebrate our romantic relationships, and that ultimately makes people feel excluded or singled out. However, let’s shift our mindset to have Valentines be a celebration of love, instead of relationships. Thus, love can take any shape or form: whether it actually is a romantic relationship, or a love for your pet or your child, or for yourself-or frankly all of the above. Take a minute to recognize that it’s a celebration of Love

Acts of Kindness-With it being a celebration of love that surrounds you, make it an event and do a random act of kindness for your loved ones. It can be as simple as writing a note or buying a gift to making a meal-completely up to you. By doing this for others, it will automatically shift your brain into a positive, happier mindset. And an added bonus is that you’ll just have a moment of gratitude and that feels amazing.

Make Plans or Reservations-If you’d like to continue to make Valentines Day an event-whether it’s with your partner, your gal pals, your family, or yourself-make those plans and reservations! Again, these can be very small or very big-depending on what you’d like. For me, since Valentines Day is midweek, I’ll probably go to Starbucks with my daughter and treat her to a Vday cake pop and then try a new dinner recipe at home. It’s the little things right??

Spoil Yourself-Take a minute to actually treat yourself to that thing that you’ve had your eye on for a bit. There is a lot of talk that Valentines is just a capitalist holiday, etc. HOWEVER, what’s wrong with treating yourself?? Absolutely nothing. For me, I’m treating myself to a hydrofacial and I’m debating an adorable coord set on Amazon!

Make it a Day about YOU-All in all, it boils down just making it about you. Celebrating the loved ones you have in your life to celebrating yourself. So if there is a day where can give ourselves something a little extra, why not right? Happy Valentines!


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