5 Ways to Practice Self Love this Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Week!-a week dedicated to love. In my mind, love comes in different forms with partner love, friend love, family love, and most importantly self love. As enjoyable as Valentines Day can be, it also comes with a lot of pressure and expectation on how the day should look and be, especially if you’re involved in a romantic relationship.

Now, I appreciate a romantic gesture as much as the next person, and I really do enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband. However, the most important relationship we can ever have is with ourselves. So this Valentines Day, use the holiday of love to focus on self love and give yourself the attention you deserve. And here’s how:

Forgive Yourself: Forgiveness is a powerful tool to allow you to let go of any past mistakes and misjudgments. Excusing yourself for all those times allows you to open yourself to new experiences.

Tune In: Take time to check in and connect with yourself and how you’re feeling. Step away from the devices, and read a book or meditate or spend time in a warm bath. Make time to do whatever relaxes you!

Eat Well: Being selective about the food you eat shows you care about what you put in your body-which in turn is another form of self-love. Select the food with the highest nutrients to bring energy and comfort to your body.

Be Active: Prioritize fitness! Fitness is a natural mood booster. Whether it is going to the gym, getting outside, or attending a studio class, physical activity and exercise automatically uplifts your mood!

Treat Yourself: Last but not least, treat yourself! We literally put ourselves last ALL THE TIME, but one of the best things we can do is put a smile on our face with small gestures. Get yourself some fresh flowers, get that massage, plan that trip, and just go for it!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentines Day with your loved ones or going solo, the most important is to love yourself to be the best you to others. So with that being said a Very Happy Valentines Day <3.


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