5 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

The holiday season is over and the doom and gloom half of winter has officially kicked in. Through a good chunk of my teenage years and my 20s, I used to dread the month of January and think it was the absolute worst month of the year. I know I’m not alone in this: but in the last couple years I’ve been working on changing my mindset around the month of January and have come up with a few tools to keep the blues to a minimum. I love using the New Year as a time to re-start and reset on all fronts after a truly indulgent holiday season. So here is to absolutely minimal winter blues this year!

Keep up with the Routines-The first step with combatting the Winter Blues is to take care of the winter uglies. Whenever the cooler months roll around we all tend to get a little lax with our personal care routines: shaving, masking, facial appointments, nail appointments, etc. Let me say this plainly: Keep up with all the routines. It will make you feel good, it’ll further prep you for Spring/Summer, and it’ll just get you going. Personally, I shave my legs every week during my everything shower, and I love resuming my gym routine after the the holidays. My body feels so amazing within a couple of days of resuming my regular work out schedule.

Keep That Diet Balanced-It’s so easy to continue to eat brown, buttery, and sugary food items even after the holidays. However, add in some more color on your plate and bring back the glowing skin. That sensation of feeling strong and healthy is truly irreplaceable. I love finding winter-friendly recipes on pinterest that incorporate seasonal ingredients and are still satisfying at the same time.

Make an Effort with your Daily Outfits-Again, it’s super easy to be in your cozy loungewear. I love it as much as everyone. But did you buy a new coat this year? or swanky new boots? USE THEM. I have mental rule where I reserve my matching loungewear sets for the weekends and the rest of the week I have jeans and a top/sweater with a matching jacket and other accessories as well: beanies, jewelry, etc. Hence, take a few minutes and put an outfit together. It’ll help in shifting your mindset, and I guarantee you’ll feel fabulous.

Romanticize Your Surroundings-We will witness the cold and dark days, but that’s give us a reason to create a cozy vibe inside. Light a candle, put on a cozy winter playlist on spotify-just create a vibe that applies to this time of the year and it’ll instantly lift your mood. I love doing both of these things and making a soup along with-talk about all things wintery at once.

Get Outside-And finally, get outside. Spending a minimum of 10 minutes outdoors is one of my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s amazing for the body and mind, and there is a beauty in the cloudy weather. You bought that coat right? so use it! Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go outside and take in this cold, cloudy day.

So those are 5 ways I’m working on to keep the winter blues to a minimum. What are some of the things you’re doing??


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