5 Tips to Maintain your Relationships during Quarantine

Whether you live in a joint family, nuclear unit, with roommates, or with your significant other; being stuck inside the house together can lead to some insanity after a point. Since we are being told to practice social distancing, we have to make the best of our situation and ensure we don’t lose our own heads or drive our loved ones insane. So if you’re nervous about being quarantined with your family, the reaction is perfectly normal. However, we have a long way to go with this quarantine, so let’s make the best of it!

Find Your Quiet Corner-Everybody needs time to themselves. The best way to do that is to find a designated corner that’s your go-to space to work, meditate, or do whatever you want. That’s a place you can retreat to get away from everyone in your household and just focus on you. However, if you have a significant other, the best way to establish this boundary is to communicate the need for a little bit of space each day to recharge and refocus.

Create a Schedule-Next, is to schedule your day. While being at home, we tend to slip out of a routine and just go with the flow of the day. However, scheduling our day gives a sense of stability and helps with combating anxiety and depression. It also ensures that our mind is productive and focused on tasks we’d like to accomplish rather than relying on members of our household to entertain us. I personally love creating a bullet journal, where I chalk out the tasks I’d like to accomplish during the day, and crossing each task off is so satisfying!

Use Time to your Advantage-In this quarantine, we can definitely use time to our advantage. We can take that online class, we’ve been wanting to take. We can use the time to reconnect with the people in our household in a different through fun activities, like game nights, redecorating, cooking, etc.

Stay in Touch with the Outside World-While it’s not advised to get out of the house and meet our loved ones, we should use technology to stay connected. We all miss the people we cannot meet regularly, so use this time to schedule video chats, phone calls, virtual game nights, virtual coffee sessions, or virtual dance parties-and just have fun :).

Be Self Aware-And finally it’s very very important to be self aware of your actions. Anytime you’re feeling your patience being tested or your temper rising, the best solution is to walk away, cool off, and revisit. We’re all in the same boat and it’s a very difficult situation. So let’s be empathetic and engage in minimal negative communication. We will get through this together, and come out the other side!


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