4 Ways to Combat Mom Guilt this Holiday Season

As the year and holiday season draws to a close, we as moms want to make it as magical and memorable as possible. As soon as the season changes from summer to fall, I have this inherent need to participate in just about every seasonal activity possible to ensure we’re making the most of this beautiful time of the year. However, with this inherent need comes a good amount of guilt for not doing the most or not doing enough. This time last year, I was very close to burning out that I knew I had to make some changes this year. Thus, far I’ve managed to keep the guilt to a minimum and still have a wonderful time this holiday season. So here is how I’m combatting mom guilt this holiday season.

Finding Magic in the EverydayTo add to the seasonal festivities, I re-learned that small everyday changes make a tremendous difference. I don’t need to have a huge event every weekend, but I can add a festive candle or play a festive playlist or even change up my shower products so they are more seasonal smells (Anyone tried the Whipped Cocoa Body Scrub from Trader Joes?). Basically, adding a little magic in the everyday.

Taking Advantage of the Village-I’m so grateful for my village to help with my growing family: daycare, preschool, grandparents-etc. And they definitely contribute to the Christmas magic so I as a mom don’t feel solely responsible. I don’t have it in me to decorate Christmas cookies or do Christmas crafts at home-I don’t want to clean up the mess! BUT my daughter still thankfully gets those experiences at school and at Christmas parties and for that I am truly grateful. Another example, I LOVE going out Christmas lights, but at the end of the day I don’t have the energy to take my daughter-but her grandparents do and she still experiences the magic of that as well.

Keeping Things Simple-As mentioned above, I’d love to do more but I’m tired and have limited energy. Therefore, I’d much rather keep things simple. Rather than making cookies and decorating them, I’ll re-make the pillsbury pre made cookies and stick them in the oven. I don’t have it in me physically to go crazy decorating the outside of my house, but I’ll add to the indoor decor little by little every year. Hence, keeping things simple, yet magical at the same time.

Taking Care of Me-And finally, I gotta take care of myself to avoid burning out by juggling everything. Weekly everything showers, daily skincare routines, I’ve started having a cup of tea at the end of my day, reading a book every night-all the little little things that add up and allow me to get through the day feeling content with life.

So therefore, with a bit of everyday magic, relying on my village, keeping it simple, and a whole lot of self care-I feel significantly less guilty that I’m not doing anything extravagant all the time. Hopefully you all can sprinkle a little magic for yourselves as we continue through the holiday season!


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  1. December 18, 2023 / 4:44 pm

    Holiday season can be so stressful. I love that you have these ways to help you destress during this time.

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