4 Tips for Prepping Toddlers for Halloween

Can you believe that Halloween is next week? It’s crazy how the time is flying right? I’m definitely looking forward to making more memories with my daughter this year. However, being the dynamic 2 1/2 year old she is, there is a lot I have to be prepared for as a parent-beyond the regular trick-or-treating safety we all should exercise no matter what the age is of our kids. Those tips are all over the Internet-so I’m sharing with you tips I specifically implement to prep my toddler for Halloween!

Introducing the Costume beforehand-My dynamic little one loves an opportunity to exercise her own will and make her own choices. Therefore, to get her excited for Halloween, I made it a point to introduce her to the costume beforehand: I showed her pictures of costumes online to gauge what she likes. Finally, when she found one she liked I told her that I’ll be ordering it. I ordered it, showed it to her, and eventually had her try it on-just so she gets a feel for it. Now, just about everyday I keep showing her the costume to let her know she’s going to wear it very very soon and go trick-or-treating-which is a memory she has from last year.

Clean the Costumes-As a rule of thumb, I always wash my toddler’s clothes before she wears them. Costumes are no exception. Be sure to look at the labels to see the method of cleaning and have it ready a week before Halloween-you never know which costume-related events are going to pop up on the days leading up to Halloween.

Go Early-Although trick-or-treating takes place in the evenings, if there are opportunities to go early, it’s worth thinking about. We all know toddlers get cranky if their bedtime is late. Therefore, if possible, start early. Where I live, there is a local treat street that takes place in the afternoon on Halloween day, so we are thinking about attending that to be back in time for bedtime-that or going to neighborhoods with another toddler family who are in the same boat as us.

Encourage Sorting Candy at Home-Just about every human at every age gets excited to open something they receive right away. However, a good rule of thumb we had last year was that candy can be opened at home, and that is the same rule we’ll be following this year-just for ensuring hygiene and less of a mess.

So those are my tips for getting toddlers all set to have a wonderful Halloween. May all of you have a wonderful safe Halloween this year!


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