4 Things to Look Forward to during the Festive Season (besides cards)

4 Things to Look Forward to during the Festive Season (besides cards)

So Navratras just ended, which means that we can officially kick off the festivities. That fun, chaotic, crazy time of the year that all of us look forward to in some capacity. Honestly, I don’t have the same regard for Diwali as I do for the Halloween and Christmas, but I’ve found my tidbits that I enjoy to get me through it. I don’t like playing cards at all, and those hardcore parties where people are super serious are the worst thing ever. The traffic is annoying AF, and things definitely do get a bit much. However, there are a few things I do enjoy. So here goes!

Dressing Up: The most obvious aspect I look forward to is the dressing up. I actually only attend the cards parties to dress up. I don’t wear a lot of Indian on a regular basis so the festive time is the time to play around with the outfits and accessories. It doesn’t even stop there. To me, Diwali time is that transition from warmer weather to the cooler, better weather. Therefore with all the lights and colors, it’s fun to play up with the makeup and hair and just have a little fun!

Socializing: Going hand-in-hand with the cards parties, they’re a great way to catch up with people. Thankfully, at the parties my husband and I attend, there are always people who either don’t play or play for a little bit and then stop. So therefore, it’s always a great way to catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile and just see check in-and of course use the opportunity to take pics for Insta! Who is going to miss out on that?!

Energy: There’s a contagious energy that comes with the festive season. Maybe it’s a combination of the weather getting better and Diwali time, but it’s like everybody has come out to play after some sort of a summer hibernation. You look good, you feel good, and there’s a more positive energy all around.

Decorations: Diwali decorations are just so pretty. Lighting candles around the house makes it so beautiful! Even making pretty rangolis is so much fun. Such a great way to add colors and light to a home. So so pretty!

So there you have it, my top 4 aspects that I do look forward to during the Diwali season. Keep looking out on my insta. I will be posting looks regularly! Love & light to you always!


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