4 Summer Dresses to try on Amazon

This week we have the summer solstice, marking the first official day of summer-which in my head translates to dress and shorts season. After signing up to have an Amazon Storefront, I am so beyond pleasantly surprised with the amount of super cute dresses Amazon has for summertime. I stopped myself at 4 new dresses, but I love them all. So here are my picks for Summer dresses you can try on Amazon!

This Yellow Number-Starting my favorite: is this cute little piece that ties in the back. It’s fun, flirty, and comes in a variety of colors. I gravitated towards yellow because, well, summer. However, I would pick it up in other colors as well.

This Knot Dress-So I’ve never worn a knotted dress before, so when I got this, I love how easy and comfortable it is, and it also comes in a variety of color options. Plus the burnt orange color is unique.

Striped Dress-My favorite part about this dress is how the waistline gets defined by tying the sash. What I really love about this dress is that it can easily be worn during the day or to go out at night. I’ve even worn it for school pick up and gotten so many compliments on it.

Bodycon Dress-So this is the first dress I picked up for the season. Also in a variety of colors, this fits really well, and guess what, no underwear lines show! How amazing is that?!

So those are my top summer dresses from Amazon! Feel free to check them out in my Amazon Storefront! Which one is your favorite?


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