4 Reasons why having a Routine is a Blessing

4 Reasons why having a Routine is a Blessing

Oftentimes whenever we hear the word “routine”, we tend to associate it with mundane and boring. As kids, our parents always set a routine for us from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep, but as adults a lot of us tend to “wing” our day, leading us to forget certain things or get stressed and anxious about completing various tasks. However by simply setting my morning routine and evening routine, I’ve found myself feeling significantly happier and better about myself. Even after a much-needed vacation, I look forward to getting back home to resume to my routine.

Ironically, I’m writing this blog on a midweek day off-an off routine part of my week-and as much as I love it, I am definitely looking forward to getting back to my daily schedule, and here are a few reasons why having a daily routine is a blessing!

Creates Structure: Let’s start with the most obvious one-routine gives a structure. It sets a basic framework of how we should navigate our day and live our lives. Once that routine becomes 2nd nature-it gives us an easy flow for our day.

Builds Self Confidence: Having a routine and following through with it gives us tremendous satisfaction-ultimately boosting our self confidence. The confidence serves as motivation to keep the routine going and reap the benefits of it.

Helps Us Achieve Our Goals: Developing and sticking to a routine that is congruent to our goals is a great way to help us achieve them. We develop our routines to 1. Get the daily tasks done and 2. to have time for the things we love. Therefore, by ensuring there is time for the things we love, we are able to achieve those goals within our routine!

Reduces Stress: While sticking to a routine, a significant amount of stress gets eliminated because we don’t have to think about what all needs to be done. Our routine allows all those tasks to happen automatically, ultimately leading to no stress.

For my life, I’ve found that a routine has definitely helped me accomplish the tasks I’d like to get done. In fact, it just helps me remember what I love and like to do. Whether it’s my morning routine, my evening routine, or even my skincare routine; it just feels good! It takes some planning, but its totally worth it!


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