4 Inexpensive Ways to “Christmas-fy” Your Home

Now that it’s post Thanksgiving, it’s officially Christmastime-and in my mind, now is the time to decorate for Christmas! I love this time of the year-it’s super festive and happy all around, and when I decorate I want to go all out. But let’s face it, it’s expensive. This year, I learned to go beyond the visual decor and embrace all the senses to Christmas-fy my home-through smells, sounds, and even taste. So being it my 2nd Christmas in CA after moving back, I’ve come up with a couple of inexpensive and easy ways to Christmas-ify your space. So here goes!

Christmas Playlists on Spotify-So this is not my idea, but I did test it before sharing it. I used this tiktok for reference. Spotify is full of different types of playlists, depending on the mood you’re going for: from Christmas pop to Christmas Cocktail Jazz to Holiday party to everything in between. So when I need that festive touch I just put on some Christmas music to get me in the mood. In fact, on a quiet Sunday morning, I love listening to a Christmas Jazz playlist while having my morning coffee.

Christmas Smells-Another way to add Christmas into your home is through your sense of smell: candles and sachets are literally everywhere. I just got gifted this lovely set of sachets from My Fresh Scents-and I didn’t realize how much smelling the holidays elevates my mood. I have one Sachet in each bathroom and one in my car-So I’m smelling it everywhere. Along with the Sachets, of course I had to get my favorite Bath & Body Works Candle and the hand cream. Reference Tiktok.

Small Homey Touches-So I’m in a space where I am intentionally adding to the holiday decor every year-in small ways. This year I added to the kitchen, by getting some holiday towel sets from the grocery stores and a pot holder; all of which will be used throughout the season and put in my holiday decor box for next year. More see this tiktok for more.¬† Another way to decorate is buy treating yourself to a festive mug every year-so after 10 years, you have 10 mugs (maybe 20 if you’re living with a significant other)-small, yet festive.

A Small Tree-If you’re someone who is decorating for the first time in your space, then start off with a small tree and don’t worry about the rest. Pre-lit trees are available as low as $50 and they can be added¬† to a side table or dining table. A tree with a Spotify playlist=instant Christmas

So those are some of my inexpensive and easy ways to add Christmas to your space. There’s honestly no end how insane decorations can get. But start small and build, it adds to the magic! Happy Decorating!


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  1. December 4, 2023 / 7:37 am

    These are such good tips- especially the Christmas smells. I love to add holiday candles to help our home feel more festive.

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