4 foods in my Refrigerator for Aisha at All Times

When it comes to feeding Aisha, one thing I realized is that I don’t like feeding purees or liquified meals: they’re messy and they take forever. Thankfully, she’s not a huge fan of them either. She prefers to use her fingers to pick up everything (including food) and put it in her mouth. And through this journey of feeding her, I’ve figured out a few items to keep on hand in the fridge for just about any meal. So here are 4 food items I keep in my fridge for Aisha.

Eggs-This girl loves eggs in any form: but her favorite is hard-boiled eggs. Therefore, a great on-the-go or quick meal is a couple of hardboiled eggs! easy peasy.

Pasta-What’s not to love about pasta? It’s easy to prepare, easy to eat, and easy to store. If a brand-new for Aisha goes horribly wrong, I know I have boiled pasta in the fridge that whip up a quick and easy meal within a few minutes. Simply sautee some veggies, add some seasoning and sauce, and dinner is ready.

Cheese-Aisha loves cheese. Whether it’s string cheese or mild cheddar cheese, she’ll eat it as a snack or a part of her meal. Therefore, I’ll happy add it as a part of her lunch no problem!

Bagels-There have been a number of times Aisha has seen my husband and I eating bagels and she’s always asked to try. Whenever we’ve given her a bite, she’s always asked for more. Therefore, I experimented with giving her mini bagels with butter, which, it turns out, she loves! So now, we’ve got a decent carb to complement a meal!

So basically we’ve got a couple of carbs, a protein, and some cheese in the fridge at all times, which she really loves. I’m so grateful that I can tinker around with these few items to whip up a meal for her! What ideas do you have for kid-friendly meals? I’m all eyes and ears!


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  1. September 5, 2022 / 10:24 pm

    I love that you’re prepared with the basics. 🤎

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